Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Masculine Cards!

Our theme this month for our card club is Masculine cards. Anything goes, but it has to be manly. I was very excited about this theme. I must confess that I am no longer excited about it. I think I've made it way harder than it needed to be.

After searching for ideas, I finally had in mind the perfect card. This is what I came up with:

I thought it was GREAT! I stamped the background with three different inks/stamps, dry embossed and paper pierced the edges of the blue and yellow cardstock, and finished it off by making a quilled sailboat. The scanner did not do this card justice (oh well!). After I finished, I proudly showed KC and asked for his opinion. His response was, "This looks like a baby card or one for a little boy, but it isn't very manly." My pride was quickly deflated. I then asked him what I needed to do to make a masculine card. He said, "Make something you think is hideous and add a humorous joke."

That wasn't much help. How could I spend time making something hideous and expect anyone else to want to do the same?! So, I took my card to my 9 year old son, Aaron. He said, "Mom, you know Alayna's little Tyler [he's 2]. He would like this card. It is cute, but it isn't manly." By this time KC is laughing in the bathroom, and I am back to square one.

After some more research, this is what I came up with:

I pulled off the Harley and the Harley logo from the internet. The rest is pretty simple. I did dry emboss the orange mat and stamped the red cardstock. Pretty simple, huh? I took the finished product to KC. His initial response was, "Yeah." He said that the inside didn't need to be so sentimental, but that it would do. Inside reads: "Life is too short, enjoy the ride." I guess that will have to do.
I don't think we need to make masculine cards for awhile. I'm very ok with cutsy!