Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oakley Underwtater

My husband and I have spent 9 hours today filling sandbags. We live in a small community at the foothills of the Uintah Mountains. The Weber River runs through our community then bends towards Rockport Reservoir.

Due to the sudden temperature changes we've had over the last week, the snow has been melting at lightning speed. The Weber River is a rolling tyrant.

Some of the pictures I've seen remind me of Thistle Canyon several years ago. My family always went through Thistle Canyon in order to visit my Grandma. Back in 1986ish the whole canyon was submerged. There are still remnants of the destruction today- houses sticking up out of lakes of water, rooftops that look like they are floating on top. Anyway, there are a couple of houses that look like this.

We finally stopped at 4 pm when we couldn't lift anymore.

Despite the circumstances surrounding the photo above, I like it. Unfortunately, this isn't a good picture. This is actually a field, or what should be a field. Bet you can't tell where the river should be. Definitely not right off of the road!

Isn't life exciting?