Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Heart Dish Scrubby

OK. Here is my latest scrubby. My 9 year old likes it better than all the others. It is one of my Stash Buster Projects. I used a new stitch (for me) called the Trinity Star. It is a really fun stitch. There are actually little stars throughout the piece. You can't tell very well because of the variegated colors in the yarn. I think I will use a solid color the next time I use this stitch. This is my own design; however, there are a couple of areas where I don't remember what I did to finish it. I worked it as one piece starting with a square, then I added one rounded top, but after that it got complicated. I single crocheted around some area in order to get to the other corner to do that round, then I single crocheted, and then I slip stitched, and then.... you get the point. I should have written it down!!! The scrubby portion began as a circle, but then I added 2 rounded parts and used up the last of my nylon netting, so this is the last scrubby I am doing for awhile. Yea! Kind of. I have had a lot of fun making them, and they are a quick project. Oh. I almost forgot. I used yarn and a blanket stitch to adhere the scrubby to the dish cloth. My next project is not going to be so quick. I am making a book tote. Here are the yarns from my stash I am planning on using.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crochet dish scrubbies

I am so excited! For Christmas I made my Mom a simple dish scrubby (nothing cute-sorry Mom). Since then I came across's flower crochet dish scrubby pattern. It is adorable! I had to make it, and I had a ball of nylon netting I needed to use up for the Stash Buster Challenge along with some cotton yarn. I am very pleased with the outcome. After I got done with that flower scrubby, I had to design my own! I really like it. Now for the pattern: In magic circle, SC 10 and join with a SL into first stitch. Row 1- Ch 1 and SC in same stitch. 2 SC in each of remaining st. Join. (20 st). Row 2- Ch 1 and SC in same st. 2 SC in next stitch. *SC in next 2 st then 2 SC in next stitch.* Repeat until end. Join.(30) Row 3- Ch 1 and SC in same st. *SC in next st., 2 SC in next.* Repeat until end. Join. (40 st). Row 4- Ch 3 (counts as first DC). 2 DC in same st. *Remove hook and insert into first of three DC and the last one (loop). Pull through. Ch 1. Skip one sc and do 3 DC in next sc. Repeat from * to the end. Join. I ended up with one extra space. Terrible of me, but I left it. Join. Row 5- Ch 1 and SC in same st. SC in next 2 st. 2 SC in next. *SC in next 3 st. 2 SC in next. Repeat from * to end. Join. Row 6- Ch 3 and skip 1 sc. SL in next sc. Repeat until end. join. Hanger- Ch 30 and SL into stitch at base. *Ch 3, skip 1 Ch and SL into next Ch. Repeat from*. Join with SL and fasten off. Scrubby: Magic circle- 10 SC and join. Row 1- Ch 1 and SC in same stitch. 2 SC in each remaining st. join. Row 2- Ch 3 (counts as DC). FPDC in same st. *1 DC in next st. 2 FPDC in next st. Repeat from * to end. Join. Fasten off. Attaching scrubby to dishcloth: I centered my scrubby into the center of the wrong side of the dishcloth. Using my yarn, I did a running stitch around coming up and back down around the single Double Crochet stitches. This accentuated the uneven texture created by the FPDC even more. Hope this makes sense! Enjoy.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Stash Buster Challenge

I really go through different craft phases. I love to crochet, but this winter I have done a lot more. Doing homeschool, preschool and piano lessons, I have not had a lot of time to pull out projects. Thank goodness for yarn! It can sit on my rocking chair or the kitchen counter always ready for me to pick it up for just a short time. It has also been very therapeutic for me to relax and relieve stress. I came across some fabulous crochet blogs/websites and started seeing a little icon about the Stash Buster Challenge. I looked into it and thought, "Hey! That sounds fun." Honestly, though, I have been contemplating it for several weeks now- not because I don't have a stash, but because life is so crazy right now I didn't want to commit myself to something that I couldn't carry through with. The result is that today you not only get to see my stash, but you also get to see several of my finished Stash Buster Projects. Who knows- maybe I'll post more often (smiles)! This is my lovely stash. It is quite a hodgepodge of everything! It will be fun to see how much of it I can use up this year. I love this hat pattern! The designer is Linda Permann. She is a very talented designer. This hat is called "The Little Sister Hat." The pattern gives specific instructions for ALL head sizes. The website I found the pattern at is I made this hat for one of my husband's cousins who is going through chemo right now. Both pics are of the same hat, but I made 2 different bows. Amazing how much they affect the look of the hat! The flower pattern is also given on this site. Thanks Linda. My youngest brother loves bow ties, and his birthday is coming up next week. I whipped up a really fast bow tie with the "crunch" pattern. One of my desires/goals this year is to experiment with different stitches. I found this in a book titled, "Teach Yourself Visually Crochet," by Keim & Werker. I have been crocheting for years, but I have had a hard time finding different stitch patterns. This is a great resource! Anyway, to make this stitch, simply make your foundation chain the desired length. Ch 1. Turn. SL into same st. HDC into next ch. *SL into next ch. HDC into next ch.* until the end. When you get to the end, Ch 1 and turn. If your last stitch on Row 1 was a SL, you will do a HDC in the same stitch as your chain. If your last stitch on Row 1 was a HDC, you will SL into same stitch as your chain. You will continue to rotate between the SL and HDC. It's that simple. Hint: make sure you insert hook into stitch top and not into the extra front stitch. I know you can't see it in the pic, but there are diagonal lines that run horizontal throughout the piece. It is very cool! Happy Valentine's Day! This is what I made for my husband, kids, friends, ...... I had lots of fun making them. I do have a problem- that is I don't ever stick with the same thing for long. I have to modify or change things. I guess that is what spices my life up. Thanks for stopping by! More to post soon.