Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two Year Old Christmas Present

Last week I finally had some inspiration for the clock pieces my dad gave to me for Christmas. You see, he had my name for Christmas, and family tradition says that you have to make the gift. Well, he ran out of time, so he gave me the pieces so I could make my own present (ha! ha!).
Anyway, as I was exercising one morning, it came to me, and of course, I had to start on it while the thought was there. I painted the board that day, and cut out all the embellishments using my cricut. Then, I had to stop. I had to cut a hole in the back of the wood for the clock paraphernalia to fit in. KC brought down his dad's drill press, and we set it up ON the kitchen table. That's right. Using a square drill bit, I drilled ALOT of holes to hollow out the right size. It was fun, though, and I am thrilled with the results!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Paper Crafting

Hello! Hello!
Some of you might have a heart attack because I am posting twice in one day. I really hope that doesn't happen. I'm on a roll! KC gave me a Cricut for Christmas. I have been having lots of fun with it. Here are some of the things I've created with it:
This is my card for Card Club this month. I cut the circles out using my cricut and the title "Love."
I couldn't just throw away the scraps from my card, so I used them to make another one.
I found this cute box pattern in the February 2011 "Crafts 'n'Things" magazine. I had a wedding gift to make, and I thought it would be perfect. I used my cricut to cut the flower on top. I just used the cartridge that came with my machine. The bottom flower is 3", the next one 2.5", the next 2", and the top one 1.5". Hard, I know.
Here is a picture of what the box looks like opened up.
And these are the cute thank you cards I made to go inside the box. I cut the heart out with my machine. Then, I created the envelope with the "Cindy Loo" cartridge and my cricket design studio. I had to change to envelope dimensions so that it would fit in the box and added a heart from the "George and Basic Shapes" cartridge. I put 12 3.25" square cards in the box and 12 matching envelopes, too. What is even better is that I didn't have to wrap up the box. I just took it to the reception with a card.

Of course, you can see I still used my stamps. I LOVE my stamps!!

I am off to finish my scout preps. We are making bookworm neckerchief slides for the opening activity, thanks to my cricut!

Crochet Happy!

I think that 6 months is a little too long. So much has happened since I posted last, and so much has happened! I decided to participate in a Craft Boutique in December. It turned out to be quite fun, and I found out that people really like my crocheted items. I have wanted to share these. If you would like to make any of them, let me know.

And these are not the only ones I've made! Some I forgot to take a picture of before I gave them away. Some are different colors than the ones posted. Many are just reproductions of those shown. And others, well.... who knows!

I am working on a scarf for myself. Yes. I am actually making something for me. After that, I am going to make some inserts to go in some of my shirts that are lowcut. I will have to post pics of those.