Sunday, January 10, 2010


I sure hope it isn't another 4 months before I update this blog again! Life seems to be taking me for a ride. I'm now past the point of feeling overwhelmed after having Emma, and now trying to establish a new norm.

Of course, during the past several months, I've been working on Christmas presents. I lowered my expectations and shortened my list of homemade gifts. Here are a few I did:

As you can see, I had lots of fun! I also made hair bows and a hairbow holder for Emma as well as a dress for her. I will have to post pics of them when I take photos (ha ha)!

I am finding that I do not have as much time to create. I am teaching piano, trumpet and guitar lessons. When I'm not teaching or practicing myself, I am feeding a growing 6 month old, preparing meals for my family, cleaning up, helping with homework, or spending time with them. Thank goodness for Tuesdays when Alayna and I have a designated project date and for my card club once a month.

I am looking forward to a great year filled with lots of joy and learning. Speaking of which, I heard a thought that I think I will use for my personal theme this year. It is, "Become who you are." I believe I am a daughter of God. In that line of thinking, becoming like Him is my ultimate goal. Awakening to my true potential and learning who I really am. There is another thought that goes along with that. It reads, "When you learn who you really are, you will be sorry you didn't try harder."