Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Creations!

I enjoyed making these treasure boxes for lots of people. At last count, I had made 8 of them. They are perfect little gifts for any occasion. After I made a couple of the taller ones, I decided to modify the pattern and make half size boxes. I love them! I know my wonderful friend, Alayna, put the instructions on her blog. You can get them there if you're interested. She follows my blog, so just click on her icon.

I also made an accordion style card for my in-laws for Valentine's Day. This was my own creation. I think it turned out quite well.
Happy Valentine's Day!
P.S.: I just created a new blog- "My Incredible Heritage." I am going to spotlight different ancestors. This is another passion I have- family history.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I did it!

I actually updated my blog within a month. Not even 4 months! Yea! And to top it all off, I took pictures of some of my other projects I've done lately. So, here they are:

This is a miniature wall quilt I made for Emma's room. I got the inspiration from a Debbie Mumm quilt I saw. I, however, do not have 50 hours to hand embroider ALL of the butterflies, so I cheated! I traced a butterfly, copied it, colored them, scanned them, then printed them on a fabric sheet and ironed them on. I machine quilted this. I also created the wood blocks using scrap 2x4's, light blue paint, fabric pieces from the quilt, white paper, a cutting stencil and a swivel knife.

This is how it looks in above her crib:
Here is the hair bow holder I made for Emma for Christmas. I made almost all of the hair bows as well. I had so much fun making the bows that I need a bigger holder. Oh, and I crocheted almost all of the headbands, too.
Hope you like these. I have loved doing them!