Thursday, February 24, 2011

This week's creations!

By the looks of it, you would think that I didn't do anything but create this week. Actually, thanks to my little craft corner, I can work on a project here and there for 5 minutes at a time.
I love this layout. I used cream cardstock and stamped two different flowers (Stampin' Up) along the bottom of the page with a soft rose inkpad. Using the same ink and a damp paper towel, I sponged the entire cardstock. Then, with Close to My Heart's Bamboo ink, I stamped a foliage stamp (not sure name of set, but it is clear). With my cricut, I cut "Blessings" from the Inspired Heart cartridge, the border and the pink swirly from the Cindy Loo cartridge. I pieced the border together with my cricut design studio. Oh. I also cut the tag from the George and Basic Shapes cartridge. The flower is from Dollar Tree. My large photo is 4x6 and the smaller ones are 2x2.
I finished this one today. Again, I LOVE IT! These are both typical Dari style. Basic cardstock, stamps and my own thing. This photo doesn't do it justice, so I had to take a couple more highlighting individual areas. I used the same cream cardstock for this background. Using CTMH's (Close to My Heart) Sunflower ink and a butterfly stamp from the same set as the foliage from the layout above, I stamped all over the cream cardstock. Then, using another flower from this same stamp set and Marvy Uchida Leplume II' Citrus yellow(#69), I filled in the empty spaces. Then, I rubbed the brush marker on the back of my acrylic block, and using a damp paper towel, wiped it off and smudged the eges of the cardstock. Next, I cut a green print ("Baby" from Provo Craft (I think)). I cut it down to 9x11 in, then tore the right edge. I have to give credit for the layout sketch to I printed all of the photos out wallet size, then I cropped three of them so they were square. The flower and sheer ribbon were Dollar Tree finds. Here's where details come into play:
Using my cricut design studio, I made a 7x 2.5 in. rectangle (George & Basic Shapes). Then, I added a flourish to the top of it (Cindy Loo), then I placed "christening" (Inspired Heart) 1.5 in. in the middle of it and welded them all together. I cut this from white cardstock and inked the edges with the sunflower ink. I set aside the cutout "christening" for future use. Next, I cut the same flourish from Cindy Loo out of a soft pink cardstock scrap and glued it onto the top of my title tag. Using Cindy Loo, I cut "emmas" out of white cardstock as well. I used one of the drops from the "e" as my apostrophe.
Using my design studio, I created a 4 in. circle (George), then added a flower border (Cindy Loo). I had to shrink this to fit inside the circle and then rotate it for the angle I wanted. I repeated the flower border 2 more times. Then I cut it out of white cardstock and inked it. Using the flowers cut out of this, I glued them next to "emma's", under the title tag, and in the top right corner of the green print. The center picture was also a wallet size. I just cropped it to fit the circle. I used a zig memory pen for the journaling. Lots of fun!!
AND... I finished another hat! This one is for my brother-in-law's girlfriend. I used Caron Simply soft red yarn. The pattern is my own design. Then, I created a flower. There is not another one like it. Don't ask me how I made it, because I didn't follow a pattern. I hot glued this flower onto an alligator clip so that it can be removed from the hat if desired. What a week! Oh. I also made a Winnie The Pooh cake for a friend's child, but alas, I didn't remember to take a picture of it before I gave it away.
Happy crafting!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

3 of 3

OK, so this is the last one. As you can see, we've actually accomplished some things lately. Nothing grandious, but creating makes me happy!
You saw what KC made me for Valentine's Day. Well, he has wanted a remote control holder that hangs from the couch for awhile. So..... that is what I made him for Valentine's Day. I made my kids some magnetic bookmarks for Valentine's Day (shoot! I forgot to take pics of those), because they love to read and are constantly using scraps of whatever they can find to mark their places. KC felt left out that he didn't get one, so I made him a bookmark yesterday.
I also made a necklace for Emma, because she really likes her "little pretties." Albeit, she broke it not 5 minutes after I had finished it. I fixed it of course, but who knows how long it will last. I thought it was cute, so I made myself one, too. This was a project that I did with Elizabeth, the young girl I help teach arts and crafts to.
The last project that I finished recently is this scrapbook page that I started a year ago. OK, maybe not quite a year ago, but it has been at least 9 months! When I organized my new craft area, I came across my last page I had been working on. All I had to do was the journalling and glue the tag, journal block and flower cut-outs onto the page. This was perfect for me. It gave me a taste of scrapbooking with something I had started before I got rusty. And, it looks great.

2nd of 3

OK, so I finally finished a few crochet projects that have been hanging over my head. The first is a scarf for myself! I really like it. I found the pattern on (I think). Anyway, it is very simple. It is all done using the double crochet stitch.
The second project that I finished is a hat for a friend. Alayna, yours is done, I just haven't mailed it yet. Maybe tomorrow!! This one I did for a friend who works at a local restaurant. The restaurant's colors are black, white and yellow. She wanted a black hat, and I thought it would be fun to add a little white and yellow to it as well. This hat, however, I did not sew the flower onto the hat. I attached it to an alligator clip so that she can remove it if desired.

First of 3

Hello! Hello!

I am going to begin with the present that KC made me for Valentine's Day. It is something that I have wanted for a couple of years. And, he did it out in our garage, because we rented out his dad's woodshop to someone while they are on their mission. Anyway, this is what it is:
They are craft cupboards! They are perfect. I still have my fabric cupboard in Emma's room, but there simply is no space in the laundry room for that. Who ever said that jewelry was the best present? I, personally, don't wear very much. I LOVE my craft area!!! Thank you sweetheart!