Monday, June 15, 2009


Every child is different. Every pregnancy is different. This one is definitely proving true. We've waited for over 4 years for another little one to join our family. On Friday morning (12th), I went into labor. We went to the hospital. They checked me. I was only dilated to a 2. They decided to watch me for a while. My contractions STOPPED! They sent me home. Yesterday morning, Sunday June 14th, I went into labor again. This time we didn't leave for a little while longer. We got to the hospital. They checked me. I was at a 3, and my contractions were 1 min. 40 sec. apart and lasting for 60 seconds. OK, I'm in labor. After being monitored for about 45 min., they subsided once again! I was so FRUSTRATED and EXHAUSTED! Because I am not at 39 weeks, they won't help it along. So, I've been in labor off and on for the past 3 days. Honestly, it's getting very old! This baby has a mind of its own. However, he/she was kind enough to not come on Aaron's birthday (13th). Aaron is very glad of that as well. Hope you all have a great week. Mine looks like its just beginning! I think that when this baby decides to come, it will be a wam-bam here you are. I just hope that Heber is close enough (30 min. away). The nurses gave us the number for the Labor/Delivery department so the next time we come, they will have a heads up. They, too, think the next time might be all too fast. It's very odd, but I know that there is another hand involved. I put my trust in Him.

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  1. Dari, I can't wait for you to post pics of your little Emma! Congrats for you , KC and boys! Love ya, Cindy