Sunday, February 20, 2011

3 of 3

OK, so this is the last one. As you can see, we've actually accomplished some things lately. Nothing grandious, but creating makes me happy!
You saw what KC made me for Valentine's Day. Well, he has wanted a remote control holder that hangs from the couch for awhile. So..... that is what I made him for Valentine's Day. I made my kids some magnetic bookmarks for Valentine's Day (shoot! I forgot to take pics of those), because they love to read and are constantly using scraps of whatever they can find to mark their places. KC felt left out that he didn't get one, so I made him a bookmark yesterday.
I also made a necklace for Emma, because she really likes her "little pretties." Albeit, she broke it not 5 minutes after I had finished it. I fixed it of course, but who knows how long it will last. I thought it was cute, so I made myself one, too. This was a project that I did with Elizabeth, the young girl I help teach arts and crafts to.
The last project that I finished recently is this scrapbook page that I started a year ago. OK, maybe not quite a year ago, but it has been at least 9 months! When I organized my new craft area, I came across my last page I had been working on. All I had to do was the journalling and glue the tag, journal block and flower cut-outs onto the page. This was perfect for me. It gave me a taste of scrapbooking with something I had started before I got rusty. And, it looks great.

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