Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just happenings

I haven't had a lot of time for projects lately. I did host card club. I need to post those pics. It was fun. I have been trying to organize and start thinking about gardening. We have had a couple of funny experiences happen, and I figure this is probably the best place to write them down.
First, during Spring Break, KC called me. "Sweetheart, I need to utilize your spanish." "Why?" "Gunther (our dog) got into the neighbors chickens and killed 2 of them. When I went to the door, she (our neighbor) didn't look too happy, but she couldn't understand a word I said, and I couldn't tell her anything." OOPS! I wrote a nice card, enclosed some money, and we took over a fresh baked loaf of bread. Hopefully, we are in good graces.
Second, shoot! I don't remember what the other story was I meant to write down (ha ha). Guess that is all!

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