Monday, June 23, 2014

Donna Digby's CTMH You Lift Me Up Card

Oh! Happy Monday!  Alright, I must say that it actually feels like a Monday today.  I have been going a billion miles an hour the last little while (month), and my body and brain are on strike (lol).  I woke up at my usual time (sometime between 5-6), but I have not been able to get myself going.  I couldn't even bring myself to go running, and my hair isn't even done yet.  My revamped goal for the day is to simply get my house back in order.  Shouldn't be too difficult unless I don't even get going! 

I haven't checked Face Book for several days, because I haven't been home really since last Thursday. So, I sat down, and I found this fabulous card done by Donna Digby from Dat's My Style blog.  She, too, is a CTMH consultant.  I love the sketch she used, which is a sketch challenge.  I am going to have to give Freshly Made Sketches a try!  Anyway, as I mentioned in one of my recent posts, I love the CTMH Balloon Ride paper line and the stamp sets that go with it.  When I saw her card, my mind actually thought, "Ooooh.  I want to create today."  Maybe my new revamped goal will be clean my house this morning and create this afternoon.  Hmm? :)  

Here is a picture of her card.  You can go to her blog here. You can come back and visit my blog in a day or two to see what I came up with from the inspiration she gave me!   Have a great day!  Thanks Donna for "Lifting me up"  (pun intended).


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the compliment...I am just blown away by the response that I am getting on this card. Enjoy making your own creation from my inspiration. That's what I love about this industry...the sharing. Everyone has something to offer and I am glad that I was able to inspire you.

  2. You're welcome. Those little moments make you smile, don't they? :).