Saturday, December 12, 2015

Twelve Days Before Christmas Explosion Box

Hello! Hello!  It has been a very long time since I posted last.  As I mentioned earlier, a lot has happened in my life the last few months.  I began substitute teaching in the fall.  There are only two of us substitutes who speak Spanish, and I also have a lot of experience in music, so I have been requested a lot.  That's nice, but it has seriously cut into my crafting time. 

I have also realized how much I love being in the classroom and have decided to go back and finish my teaching degree.  I began this eons ago (before my children came along).  My goal is to teach in the Dual Immersion program.  I have been busy getting everything ready so I can start soon. 

With that said, I don't think my crafting time is going to pick up in the next little while.  That's ok.  There are different seasons for different things in our lives

Anyway, in October, I had this awesome idea to make an explosion box that would be an advent calendar of sorts; however, I wanted it to have some meaning to it and not just "Day 1" etc...  It took awhile to work out all the details and to formulate my designs for this project. 

I decided to use some well known Christmas icons as my focus. There are 12 pockets with a unique icon on a tag.  On the backside of the tag, there is a message that correlates with that symbol.  I didn't want these to be "fluff," but rather wanted them to help focus our thoughts more on the true meaning of Christmas- Christ. 

Here are the symbols I chose and their corresponding days:

12- Gift:
Christmas is a time of gifts.  Gifts given and gifts received.  Some can be bought with money, some cannot. Think about a gift you could give that would not require money.  Do it.  (Simple as visiting a widow, calling an estranged sibling, writing a letter to someone.)

11- Wreath:

Symbolizes forever, never ending.  Because of our Savior, Jesus Christ, this life is not the end.  Our future is as beautiful as we make it.  If we seek God and take full advantage of His Atonement, the luster of our lives (evergreen) will never fade.

is a symbol of direction.  Today, people use this star to help them stay oriented.  What can we do to keep our eyes on the Savior?  

His light will lead us safely home.  He is the light/our example.  How can I be more like Jesus? Or, what can I do to be better prepared spiritually for His coming? To have my lamp lit?  

Journey of Mary and Joseph- Each of us is on our own spiritual journey.  It is not easy or quick.  Sometimes we get waylaid or set back. Our conversion is the journey we are undertaking.  We will never be through until we die.  It takes constant effort.  

He brought “Glad Tidings,” which is the gospel.  How can I be a better missionary?  Is the gospel “still blessing me and my family with peace and joy as promised?” If not, what can I do to change that?  

6- Wise Men:
They were men of great understanding. They studied not only science and astronomy, but understood the scriptures and the prophecies as well. They were well versed in temporal and spiritual knowledge. In my life, what area would the Lord have me focus on gaining greater “wisdom”?  


When they heard the good news, they “ran with haste.”  They didn’t wait.  How can I follow their example?  

 Mary was pure and clean; was willing to submit to God’s will for her; believed in God’s power and in the personal revelation given to her by the angel Gabriel.  She trusted in Him and did not fear. How can I be more like her?
Mary was pure and clean; was willing to submit to God’s will for her; believed in God’s power and in the personal revelation given to her by the angel Gabriel.  She trusted in Him and did not fear. How can I be more like her?


Joseph had a hard decision to make.  He took it to the Lord and listened to His answer.  He didn’t second guess the answer or think more of “how this will make me look in the eyes of man.”  He chose to be the father figure for the Savior here on this earth. He took it upon himself to live his life in the service of God


The lamb the Jews sacrificed each year during Passover was symbolic of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us.  He was The Lamb.  Because of Him, spiritual death can “pass over” us IF we listen to and keep His commandments.

1-Baby Jesus:
God so loved us that He gave His Only Begotten Son.” The greatest gift that has been given is Jesus Christ.  He is the reason for the season.  What will be my gift to Him this next year?  

I used the following products to create this project:

CTMH White Pines Paper Pack
CTMH White Daisy cardstock
CTMH Damask embossing folder
CTMH Diamond embossing folder
CTMH Cricut Artbooking Cartridge
CTMH Reason for the Season stamp set (D1614)- most of the images/sentiments
CTMH SOTM stamp set (S1407)- numbers for days
CTMH Sing Glory stamp set (C1587)- angel
CTMH Blossoms Cardmaking Workshop stamp set (D1649)- candle
CTMH Happy Hello stamp set (S1502)- wreath and image on top of box 
CTMH dye inks: fern, black, pomegranate 
CTMH bonding glue pen
CTMH 3D foam tape
unbleached kitchen cotton twine
Glitter white paper strips (5/8" wide)

I would love to hear what you think about this project.  I will reply to all comments; however, I am not checking my blog every day like I used to, so it may take a little while :).

Wishing you a wonderful holiday!! Merry Christmas- Dari

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