Monday, April 13, 2009

Lava Hot Springs and Doctors' Visits

What a week it has been! We had Spring Break the whole week. My boys thought it was great. I took them to the dentist on Tuesday. That was fun (ha! ha!) Both of them had cavities. Aaron freaked out. I was so glad that Tyler had gone into the waiting room so he didn't hear it. Aaron was really worried about the shot. Tyler, on the other hand did REALLY well and even had to have a pulpotomy. Ouch! We spent 2 1/2 hrs. there.

JaNae came down on Wednesday and helped me create a slide presentation for the Relief Society lesson I had to give on Sunday. I had never created one before using Windows Movie Maker. It was pretty easy; however, I think she got frustrated. It took us a lot longer than if she had done it herself. It turned out really well. Yea!

On Thursday, I went to see my OB/GYN. We had only planned on being there for a short time. I got the privilege of having the LOVELY glucose test! I swear that stuff should not be given to anyone under any circumstances. Well, when we got to the lab, there wasn't an order from the doctor. So, we had to wait for that to come in. Then, when the nurse tried to take my blood, she couldn't hit the vein. Before long I felt sick and just about passed out. She and KC walked me down to the ER where I could lay down. I've never had problems having my blood taken before. The second time she got the vein without any difficulty. Afterwards, we were supposed to wait for the results to come back so I could get my Rhogam shot. After waiting for over 2 hours, we decided to leave. They said they would call us when the results were in. 3 hours later we got a phone call. I told them we were headed out of town and would not be able to drive back to Heber for that. I ended up going back on Saturday (another fun experience).

KC decided that we should join my family in Lava Hot Springs for the night. It was fun. I didn't look forward to it. I don't enjoy traveling when I am pregnant. We only had to stop 3 times, though, for potty breaks. KC and the boys enjoyed the hot pool. We stayed at the Conference Center. That was a nice spot. Friday we intended on going to the Lava Aquatic Center for the kids. When we arrived, we discovered they wouldn't open for another 2 hours. It was cold outside, and we had already checked out. As we were deciding what we were going to do, Zach called and said he was heading our way, but had had car problems. That made our decision. We all piled into our vehicles and headed for Malad. While Dad helped Zach fix his jeep, we took the kids bowling. We climbed into our beds about 10:30 p.m.

What a week!!


  1. Hi Dari! I came across your blog through Melanie's. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Matt and I are expecting too in September. It sounds like you guys are busy and happy. Maybe we'll see you at the reunion this year? Have a great week!

  2. A-ha! I finally found it! Do you know it took me 5 different tries before the computer recognized where I wanted to go (yes it is entirely the comps fault, not mine for writing it down or typing it wrong!) ;) Good start on the blogging - I'm impressed with the number of entries so far!