Sunday, May 9, 2010


So much has happened this week. We actually had 3 days of good weather. We got a puppy. His name is Gunther. We cleaned up the yard. KC's aunt, Ann, passed away. We were the hosts for the family since we are the only ones who live here right now.

And today is Mother's Day. I had a most unusual gift. Let me tell you about it!

Mother's Day Surprise!
At this very moment, I am laying on my bed with baking soda and vinegar pasted over the effects of an encounter I had with a bee! That's right. I got stung on my butt cheek by a bee AT church.

We had just come out of church. Tyler had kicked Aaron in the face. I made him stand on the yellow parking line. When KC made it to the truck, I told him what happened. He gave me the keys and said that Tyler had to walk home and he would walk with him.

As I was walking around the truck, I passed a bee. I didn't think much of it. I climbed into the driver's seat and felt a sharp prick in my rear. I jumped out, immediately remembering that bee. Sure enough. He was there on the seat. I ran to the back of the truck shouting, "OUCH. I just got bit by a bee on my butt." (I am sure that I turned a couple of heads.)

KC and Tyler quickly returned to the truck. KC told Tyler that he ought to thank that bee for saving him from walking home, and Tyler actually did!

We put mud on the area, but it didn't do much. The stinger was still in there. I looked up bee stings online. Apparently, it is important to remove the stinger as soon as possible. It takes 5 minutes for all the venom to be ejected into the skin. I am pretty sure I got the full dose! I also learned two effective ways of treating bee stings. The first- baking soda and vinegar. The vinegar is said to draw out the poison. The second- chewed tobacco. KC wanted to do this one. The idea of getting the poison out sounded better to me, so I requested the vinegar paste.

KC has quite enjoyed doing his "surgical procedure." We just removed the paste. Much better. His response, "Wow! I knew baking soda and vinegar were good on battery acid, but who would have known it could save my wife's butt."

I can't help but think it extremely funny. I started to get a weird headache and so have taken a benadryl tablet.

I hope you enjoy reading about my Mother's Day present. Hope yours isn't as exciting.

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  1. I loved your mother's day visitor- too funny! Just glad you're okay. Congrats on the Dog, I bet the boys are ecstatic.