Sunday, May 2, 2010

April Showers bring May Flowers??

I am having issues with the weather. I SO want it to be spring, but it is winter once again in my little corner of the world. We have had snow for the past 6 days. It is becoming quite dreary!

I made woofum sticks yesterday. What are they you ask? Woofum sticks are hot dog roasters with a wooden ball on the tip. You place biscuit dough on it and roast it over the fire, then you fill it with pudding, ice cream, or whatever else suits your fancy.

My sweetheart finally let us get a pet (besides a parakeet or fish). We got a puppy. Here is a picture of my two boys and their new friend, Gunther.

I have been watching birds. I LOVE to watch birds. I find them very fascinating. I also made a new bird feeder for them. Unfortunately, I haven't taken a pic of it. I recycled an old mayonnaise jar and 2 bucket lids. I drilled holes in the top and bottom of the mayo jar and attached the jar to the lids using brads. Then I glued it in place. I also drilled several holes in the mayo jar so food could dispense. Basically, it is a free rendition of some of the popular types you can buy at the store. Mine isn't as aesthetically pleasing, but it works just as well.

I am also working on some quilt blocks to exchange with my sisters. I will definitely have to post those.

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  1. Remember how much Grandpa Peterson loved to make bird houses? I'm pretty sure he never used a mayo jar, but you're blog brought back thoughts and memories of grandpa. Love you.