Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crochet Happy!

I think that 6 months is a little too long. So much has happened since I posted last, and so much has happened! I decided to participate in a Craft Boutique in December. It turned out to be quite fun, and I found out that people really like my crocheted items. I have wanted to share these. If you would like to make any of them, let me know.

And these are not the only ones I've made! Some I forgot to take a picture of before I gave them away. Some are different colors than the ones posted. Many are just reproductions of those shown. And others, well.... who knows!

I am working on a scarf for myself. Yes. I am actually making something for me. After that, I am going to make some inserts to go in some of my shirts that are lowcut. I will have to post pics of those.


  1. please please please will you make me some? I love your white hats, and the cute head bands! I need you to teach me! :) The box you made is super cute, your cards are cute too!

  2. Also LOVE the stitched flowers!