Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Heart Dish Scrubby

OK. Here is my latest scrubby. My 9 year old likes it better than all the others. It is one of my Stash Buster Projects. I used a new stitch (for me) called the Trinity Star. It is a really fun stitch. There are actually little stars throughout the piece. You can't tell very well because of the variegated colors in the yarn. I think I will use a solid color the next time I use this stitch. This is my own design; however, there are a couple of areas where I don't remember what I did to finish it. I worked it as one piece starting with a square, then I added one rounded top, but after that it got complicated. I single crocheted around some area in order to get to the other corner to do that round, then I single crocheted, and then I slip stitched, and then.... you get the point. I should have written it down!!! The scrubby portion began as a circle, but then I added 2 rounded parts and used up the last of my nylon netting, so this is the last scrubby I am doing for awhile. Yea! Kind of. I have had a lot of fun making them, and they are a quick project. Oh. I almost forgot. I used yarn and a blanket stitch to adhere the scrubby to the dish cloth. My next project is not going to be so quick. I am making a book tote. Here are the yarns from my stash I am planning on using.

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  1. It came out very nice :-) I'll have to try the trinity stitch; it sounds pretty. Happy stashbusting!