Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crochet dish scrubbies

I am so excited! For Christmas I made my Mom a simple dish scrubby (nothing cute-sorry Mom). Since then I came across mooglyblog.com's flower crochet dish scrubby pattern. It is adorable! I had to make it, and I had a ball of nylon netting I needed to use up for the Stash Buster Challenge along with some cotton yarn. I am very pleased with the outcome. After I got done with that flower scrubby, I had to design my own! I really like it. Now for the pattern: In magic circle, SC 10 and join with a SL into first stitch. Row 1- Ch 1 and SC in same stitch. 2 SC in each of remaining st. Join. (20 st). Row 2- Ch 1 and SC in same st. 2 SC in next stitch. *SC in next 2 st then 2 SC in next stitch.* Repeat until end. Join.(30) Row 3- Ch 1 and SC in same st. *SC in next st., 2 SC in next.* Repeat until end. Join. (40 st). Row 4- Ch 3 (counts as first DC). 2 DC in same st. *Remove hook and insert into first of three DC and the last one (loop). Pull through. Ch 1. Skip one sc and do 3 DC in next sc. Repeat from * to the end. Join. I ended up with one extra space. Terrible of me, but I left it. Join. Row 5- Ch 1 and SC in same st. SC in next 2 st. 2 SC in next. *SC in next 3 st. 2 SC in next. Repeat from * to end. Join. Row 6- Ch 3 and skip 1 sc. SL in next sc. Repeat until end. join. Hanger- Ch 30 and SL into stitch at base. *Ch 3, skip 1 Ch and SL into next Ch. Repeat from*. Join with SL and fasten off. Scrubby: Magic circle- 10 SC and join. Row 1- Ch 1 and SC in same stitch. 2 SC in each remaining st. join. Row 2- Ch 3 (counts as DC). FPDC in same st. *1 DC in next st. 2 FPDC in next st. Repeat from * to end. Join. Fasten off. Attaching scrubby to dishcloth: I centered my scrubby into the center of the wrong side of the dishcloth. Using my yarn, I did a running stitch around coming up and back down around the single Double Crochet stitches. This accentuated the uneven texture created by the FPDC even more. Hope this makes sense! Enjoy.

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