Monday, April 1, 2013

English Garden Crochet Hat

Hello!  Although I have been working on busting through my yarn stash, I actually purchased this Caron Simply Soft Autumn Red yarn specifically for this hat.  It is another one for my cousin-in-law.  She loves this color.  I designed this hat using a Griddle Stitch pattern.  It is ideal, because it can be worked on any number of 2 stitches.  I always make my hats in increments of 10, so this stitch fits the bill. 
To create this stitch, add 2 st to base ch.  Skip 3 ch (counts as first DC), *1 SC into next ch, 1 DC into next ch; repeat from*.  When using this in row fashion, end with a SC in last stitch, turn. Row 2: Chain 3 (counts as DC), skip 1 st, SC into next DC, DC in next SC, etc. until you reach end of row.End with SC in top of turning chain, turn. Repeat Row 2. When working with this stitch in the round, I increased alternating SC and DC in the same st.Of course, this doesn't look the same as it would in row fashion, but it does add texture and is different than a simple SC or DC pattern.

For the cables, I only used FPDC!  This pattern is worked over a set of 6 stitches.  Rows 1 & 2- CH 1, SC in same st and SC in each remaining st. SL to join.  Row 3: CH 1, SC in same st and in next st, FPDC around next 4 st, *SC in next 2 st, FPDC around next 4 st.  Repeat from *. SL to join at end of row.  Row 4: CH 1, SC in same st, SC in next, *skip 2 SC, FPDC around next st 2 rows below, FPDC around next st 2 rows below, go back to first skipped st and FPDC around that st 2 rows below, then FPDC around next st 2 rows below, SC in next 2 st. Repeat from*. SL to join at end of row.  Repeat rows 1-4.

For my flower, I used a pattern that I pinned from Lianka Azulay.  The source is:

Hope you enjoy!

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