Monday, October 12, 2015

Dia de Los Muertos Juego de pareado

Dia de los Muertos:  

Hello! Hello!  I almost feel like I should be saying, !Hola!  Today I had a meeting with several other mothers about classroom parties for my Little Princess' class.  She is in a dual immersion class.  We began talking about doing some things to incorporate the hispanic culture into the parties.  

Halloween is the perfect time to include some things from Dia de Los Muertos.  In the United States, we celebrate Halloween.  It is more of a pagan holiday- monsters, ghouls, evil spirits, you get the idea.  It is pretty ironic; however, that the symbol of Halloween is the Jack-O-lantern, and the symbol for Dia de Los Muertos is the calavera (skull), because Dia de Los Muertos is the equivalent of our Memorial Day.  BUT, we downsize Memorial Day, and the Hispanic culture celebrates it to the fullest.  

For two days (Nov. 1st and 2nd), they have different traditions that help them remember their deceased loved ones.  They decorate their graves, eat by their graves, bring out pictures and items that remind them of their dead.  It is a time of rejoicing.  They believe that as long as they remember their deceased loved ones, their spirits will not vanish.  

Anyway, I came home from the meeting and knew that the game I am in charge of for the Halloween party  was going to be a game to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos.  Here is what I have come up- a matching game!  My Little Princess is in 1st grade :).  One card has the amount of calaveras in english and one has the amount in spanish.  They go from one/una to twelve/doce.

You are welcome to grab your own copy on my website.

I hope you have a fabulous day! -Dari

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