Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Perspective

I have been very busy. So much has been happening. Lots of changes in our lives. I have a dear friend who will probably be moving. I am sad. I enjoy our friendship. I always pictured her staying here in Oakley. We've talked many times about building our homes here in this area.

I have been researching homeschooling to see if it is something that would be for our family; however, after MUCH research and discussing with KC we have decided that it is not for our family at this time.

I help another friend's daughter learn arts and crafts. She loves this. I help her on Thursday afternoons. We have made hair bows, created wall decorations, sewed a baby doll quilt, made artist trading cards.

We recently said goodbye to KC's parents for 2 years. They are serving a mission in Independence, Missouri.

I have also gone through my own set of finding out what to do now in my own life, besides looking at homeschooling. I think I have finally decided that I am doing all that He wants me to do. I am kind of excited now and have a great sense of peace. I am looking forward to just enjoying life.

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  1. Kudos. It's amazing the sense of peace which can come when you feel you are where you are supposed to be in life :)