Monday, March 18, 2013

Stashbusters #9-#11 Amigurami

Hello! As I am looking at my pictures, I realized I haven't glued the eyes onto my turtle, and I don't have an individual photo of my knitted bunny (lol)! Oh.  I also forgot to take photos of the yarns I used from my stash.  Oops! I created the snail with the intention of using her for "My Phonics" preschool mat curriculum I am working on, but alas she is TOO big.  She is about 7 inches long.  For my educational purposes, this won't do.  From my little princess' perspective, that is just fine.  I will have to make a mini snail. The turtle with the missing eyes (lol) is for my oldest son.  He really wanted a cute puppy, but after my ugly cheetah I made for my second son, I lost the excitement to make a puppy.  I might have to practice some more, but amigurami is not my favorite.  The knitted rabbit is my second attempt at knitting.  I found a really good tutorial at  I made mine 15 stitches larger than she did.  I think I will make one a little smaller than hers.  It is very cute and a very good beginner project. Yea!


  1. Hi Dari, thanks for your comment. You managed to link before, not sure why it's not working now, if you look at the comments on the party link I have explained to Jaqueline how to do it, hope that will help if not let me know :)

  2. Dari each post has it's own link and you can only post one picture from each link. If you want to link all your projects at the party you need to have a separate post for each. Hope this helps if you need more help or more detailed explanation email me here