Friday, March 7, 2014

Barbie High Chair

Wow! Yesterday was a killer for me.  I had 4 extra kids making 7 in all.  It seems that everything hits with a vengeance.  My kids had a half day of school.  We had Parent Teacher Conferences.  My oldest son had a Jazz Festival, which was at his school, so I went and watched.  They did fabulous!  We went for a walk to take my four year old to preschool, because I couldn't possibly put 7 kids (4 of whom were in car seats) in my car, and because we all needed some fresh air.  We looked like quite the caravan!  One stroller, one wagon, 2 bikes, 1 scooter, a grandma and a mom.  I am so GRATEFUL for my mother-in-law who gave of herself for several hours to be my extra set of hands.  She is an amazing lady.  I love her!  Needless to say, I couldn't get away to post yesterday.  I tried.  I thought about it throughout the day, but it just didn't pan out.

My Princess and I made this Barbie High Chair a few weeks ago.  It is made out of cardboard and covered with white contact paper.  The tray slides out.  She, being very creative, said, "Mommy.  Look, it is the high chair table, but it is also a bed tray so you can have breakfast in bed, and a little stool so the baby can reach..."  On and on she went.  I was quite impressed. 

I am not sure if I can describe the construction easily enough so you, the reader, will know what I am saying, but I will try.  We cut 2 pieces of cardboard for the back (equal sizes) and hot glued them together. We cut 2 so there would be more strength. Then, we cut 2 smaller pieces for the sides.  At this point, we glued the two sides to the back and covered it with white contact paper.  For the seat, I cut a piece of cardboard the width of the inside (between the two sides) and 2 1/2 times longer than the desired depth.  I measured the desired depth for the seat, marked it on one end of the cardboard and repeated on the other end.  We scored these two lines and folded the two ends in.  We unfolded it and covered the seat with contact paper before gluing it in place with hot glue.  This gave a lot of stability to the chair and seat.  Next, we cut 2 pieces for the tray that were equal in size, hot glued them together and covered them with contact paper.  To make the tray slide, we cut 2 pieces of cardboard that were 2 times the depth of the tray +1/4 in. more.  We measured and marked the depth from both ends of each piece, scored the lines, covered with contact paper, bent the pieces, and then hot glued them in place on the bottom of the tray in the spot needed to sit over the side of the high chair.  To finish our creation off, we cut out hearts from construction paper and glued them in place.  Wah Lah!  If you have any questions, leave me a message.

Hope you have a great day and find some time to create something of your own! -Dari

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