Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gingerbread Baby Preschool Games

Good morning. This week in preschool we did a unit study centered around one of my favorite books The Gingergread Baby written by Jan Brett.  I want to share two math games we did.  The first one is a simple counting/match game.  The kids simply count the chocolate chips on the cookie and match it to the correct numeral on the cookie sheet.  I know that gingerbread cookies don't usually have chocolate chips on them, but I bet they'd be delicious!

My princess is farther ahead and so I created a simple addition game for her to work on.  I let her choose the numeral tile she wanted and place it on the first square.  She then counted out the correct number of pennies and placed them on the gingerbread man.  I had totally intended to give her something yummy to place on the board, but I didn't want the other kids to feel left out. Then she chose another numeral tile and placed it on the second square and repeated the process of placing the correct amount of pennies on it.  Finally, she had to count the total amount on both gingerbread men and place the corresponding numeral tile on the last square.  She did really well and enjoyed this activity!  I think it was just the right level for her.  Stretched her thinking, kept her engaged, and yet was very doable. 

You can download your own copy of both of these games for your noncommercial use at my website.  Hope you have a great day! -Dari

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