Thursday, March 13, 2014

Floral Invite

Hello! Hello!  I LOVE Pinterest and justify my addiction to it, because I find so many inspiring things out there!  Two days ago, someone pinned a fabulous card by Nadine at As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to use her amazing layout.  

Today my Princess and I made these invites for a "Mommy and Me" Mary Kay Party we are hosting next week.  She helped me pick the papers out, run the paper through my Cricut and Cuttlebug to emboss and even did the inking on the butterflies.  I'm pretty impressed yes I am.  

Then she proceeded to use my Cuttlebug inserts as skates.  When I told her not to, she pulled out some ziploc baggies from the drawer, cut a triangle off of them both and then inserted her feet into them.  She had quickly invented her new set of skates.  Now I'm really impressed.  She was slipping all over the floor!

I had to experiment with this layout- diagonal or vertical, rhinestones or glitter.  Although I like them both a lot, I think I like the vertical one more.  How about you? It has been way too long since I did any papercrafting.  This was wonderful.  I must do it again soon.

Thanks for stopping. -Dari


  1. What a lovely card, you have a little crafter on your hands! :) She is also very bright to use ziploc bags, so she can skate around the house. I would have never thought of that :)

  2. Neither would I. Thank you for your comment. You made my day!