Monday, March 3, 2014

Barbie Bathroom

OK, please look past the Planes poster in the background. My Princess has this hanging on the wall behind her Barbie House. 

 I found awesome tutorials on how to make a Barbie bathroom on You Tube.  I would recommend viewing this.  The creators are MyFroggyStuff.  Of course, we had to make them ours and so modified them a bit.

I used matte board for all the bathroom furniture, my hot glue gun, white sucker sticks for the toilet handle, seat rod and toilet paper holder.  I flipped the matte board upside down to achieve the white counter top and door fronts.  Then I inked the edges with a pink ink pad.  We used some printed scrapbook paper to create the tiles, hearts and rug.  I glued the printed paper onto white cardstock and then laminated it for the rug.  For the tub, we inserted an empty Bolthouse Drink Bottle inside after we cut out one entire side and glued it in place.  We actually covered the outside of the tub with clear packaging tape just in case it got wet.

If you have any questions, just ask.  Hope you enjoy! -Dari

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