Monday, January 5, 2015

CTMH Candy Dispenser tutorial

 **UPDATE: Wow!  I didn't expect this post to be so popular!  I am not complaining at all.  I have had a request for a way to save this or to be able to print it, so I have uploaded this to my website.  You can find it here

***UPDATE #2: You can now download and print a scoring/cutting diagram for this project on my website. Just click on the link above or visit: and go to the page titled CTMH tutorials.

Hello! Hello!  Thanks for stopping by!  I promised a tutorial for this fun box, and so here it goes.....

 This box is made from ONE 12x12 piece of cardstock (embellishments not included :) ). I hope you can see the lines well enough.  You, of course, will not mark your paper.  You can just score at the measurements where I have drawn in dashed lines.
  1. Slide your 12x12 piece of cardstock into your scoring device.  I use my FISKARS Deluxe trimmer with the score blade attachment. Any method will work.  
  2. With your paper in front of you, score the entire length of your paper at the 5" mark.
  3. Take your paper out, and turn it the other direction with the 5 inches towards the top.  If you are looking at your paper, you should have a horizontal line 5 inches from the top of your paper (7 inches from the line closest to you).   I know this sounds weird, but you need that mark so you don't score your lid in an undesirable spot :).
  4. Score from the top of your paper down to an inch past your 5" score line at the 2 3/4" measurement.
  5. Repeat this at the 5 1/2" measurement.
  6. At the 8 1/4" measurement, you are going to score ALL the way down your paper.
  7. Score all the way down your paper at the 11" mark as well.
Turn your paper 90 degrees.  You should only have one vertical score mark (the 5").
  1. Slide your paper into your trimmer so that the 5"goes into your trimmer first, or if you are using a score pal, the existing score line is at the 5" mark.  Now, make sure that the area of your paper that has score marks spanning the entire paper HORIZONTALLY is at the bottom (closest to you). I hope that makes sense. If not, leave me a message.
  2. Score from the bottom of your paper at 7 3/4" upwards past your last  horizontal score mark 1". 
  3. Score from the bottom of your paper at 8 3/4" upwards past your last  horizontal score mark 1".
  4. Repeat this at the 9 3/4" measurement as well.
Leave your paper this same direction.  Slide it back into the trimmer or towards that 5" score line until you reach 4".  You are going to CUT from the top  score mark down to the next one (from the 2 3/4" line to the 5 1/2" line). This will form your dispenser hole.

Slide your Paper to the 6" measurement.  Starting from the top, cut down to the 8 1/4" score line (second from the bottom) and from the bottom score line off the edge.

I found it easiest to remove the paper at this time and make the remaining cuts with my scissors.
  1.  I cut the small section out between the 6" cut line and the 4" cut line.
  2. I also cut vertically along the existing score marks at the 8 1/4" and 11" marks up to the 9 3/4" score line and then cut around leaving 1" on the inside to the 7 3/4" score line and then followed the vertical 8 1/4" score line again to the 5" score line.
  3. At the 7 3/4" horizontal score line mark along the edge (only 1" from right side as shown above), I cut into the edge until I hit the first score line, turned and cut up to the 5" score line.
You should have a large piece left over.  Set this aside for your box lid.

 Here is what your paper should look like with the remaining cuts:

 Now it's time to fold!! At the bottom of your paper, there should be a "T" or cross shape. Fold this in half as shown in the photo above.  Crease well. 

 With your paper in hand, cut from the score line to the outer corner on both sides as shown above.
 This is what it should look like when you unfold your paper.

Aahhh!  Somehow I don't have the pictures of the box folding.  They are pretty easy, though.  Here goes:
  1. Crease all score lines well.  
  2. Fold the long pieces towards each other to form a box.  Glue the 1" tab along the side and adhere on the INSIDE.
  3. There are 3 small flaps hanging off the bottom of the glued section.  Place adhesive on these and glue to the top of the first section of the "T".  
 At this point, this is what your box should look like.

Put glue on the remaining "T" parts, fold over and slide into the box as shown above.

 Place glue on the OUTSIDE of the triangle flaps and gently slide them into your box until the desired angle/space is reached.

 Cut a 4 3/4" square from the remaining piece of cardstock you set aside.
 You are going to score 15/16" all the way around. Simply place your paper into your trimmer or onto your score pal, score 15/16" from the edge, turn your paper and repeat all the way around.
 Next, with your scissors, you are going to cut on ONE side of your paper along your score lines up to the closest horizontal score line you come to. Flip your paper around 180 degrees and repeat.  Then, you will cut off your corners (the triangle sections shown above).
 From here, it is time to fold again :).  Simply crease all your score lines and put glue on your triangle tabs.  Glue these on the INSIDE of your box as shown below.
 You're done!
Now you can slide your lid onto your box and embellish as desired!  Hint/Note: If you want a stamped background like mine, stamp your cardstock BEFORE making your dispenser.

I know this tutorial was a little more complex.  If you are confused or have a hard time understanding it, please leave me a message!  

Thanks and hope you have fun creating! -Dari


  1. I hope it works for you. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I've tried 3 times and can't get it right. I get lost on the turning and the cutting. I know you worked hard on this so it must be me! do you have a video up?

  3. Not yet. I went out of town today to help my cousin, because my aunt is in emergency heart surgery. I was really hoping to get it up. I don't know if you can save the first picture of the tutorial, but if you can, you can zoom in and see my actual measurements written right on the paper so you will know where the score lines go. Then (hopefully), you should be able to cut it easier by looking at the photo that is cut. If I make it home tonight, I will try to have a video done tomorrow. Good luck.

  4. is there a cricut file to cut this?

    1. No there isn't, but if you would like to create one, I would love a copy :).

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