Wednesday, April 1, 2015

DIY Ink pad tower

Hello! Hello! I am really excited about this project.  I ran across the idea while folding laundry and watching YouTube craft videos (my only movie obsession).  My husband doesn't think it's funny.  I don't watch movies very often.  He, and my children, can count the number of movies I watch each year on one hand.  However, the only way I can stay on top of folded laundry is to watch YouTube craft shows.  I love gleaning inspiration from other crafters :)!

Anyway, while I was pinning one of the videos I really enjoyed, up popped the "You might also enjoy" icon.  On this board, there were a couple of ink pad towers.  I fell in love with the idea right away, of course.  Anything DIY is right up my alley, right? 

On Friday, one of my dear friends came over and we put the bare bones of these together.  It took us way too long (4 hours).  On Sunday I finished decorating mine.  I love how it turned out.  There are two drawbacks I have with this.  First, I already have more inkpads than this will hold :).  It holds 28.  I currently have 30! My friend lovingly offered to store some of mine in hers (lol).  Second, I want to put a turntable on the bottom of this.  I am going to drill a hole in the center of a block of wood and insert a small dowel.  Then, I am just going to pop a hole in the bottom center of my organizer and set it on top of the dowel block.

The blog tutorial that I used for my inspiration is  My box is made completely from cardboard.  Hers is mixed with wood and cardboard. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy crafting! -Dari

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