Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Barbie Washer and Dryer

My little Princess and I have had lots of fun over the past few months creating Barbie necessities for her doll house.  She loves to play Barbies and watch Barbie movies and....  you get the idea.  Anyway, about 3 weeks ago, she approached me and said, "Mom.  We need to make a Barbie washer and dryer, because their clothes are dirty."  She said this in all sincerity.  I had to turn around so that she didn't see the huge smile that burst upon my face!  It was quite the dilemma, so we pulled out two empty Kirkland Brand Soy Milk cartons.  I cut out the top third from the sides and bent the front in.  This formed the washer and dryer tops.  Before closing up the machines with the contact paper and hot glue, we inserted a Dannimals yogurt cup inside the washer and a small cardboard box inside the dryer. Then we hot glued the edges shut and covered them with white Contact paper.  We cut out a circle for the washer and a rectangle out of the dryer. Out of scrap cardboard (double layer thick) we cut the fronts out. We painted these pieces pink.  For the washer:  In between the two circles, we glued a piece of plastic from a package, used a scrap of the soy milk carton for a hinge to attach the door to the washer, glued Velcro on so that it could open and close.  For the dryer: We cut out two scraps of the soy milk container, turned them upside down (shiny metallic looking) and glued them to the door and the dryer.  To embellish both machines, we hot glued various beads for the knobs, hinges and handles.  After we were done, we HAD to wash and dry ALL the Barbie clothing we have.  The Princess rotated the laundry through the machines, then it was my job to hang up the laundry or fold it and put it on the shelves.  How come even in play I have to do my least favorite part? :)

Hope you have a great day!-Dari

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