Thursday, February 27, 2014

Heart Pot Holder

Good morning!  A few weeks ago I saw a pin for this on Pinterest (one of my addictions).  I justify it because I actually use alot of ideas I find there for inspiration to create my own little works of wonder.  Although I did not follow the creator's instructions, I thought I would give you the website, because I am not going to give you a tutorial for this project.  Ha! Ha!  I didn't realize that she actually charges for her pattern.

So, maybe I will post a tutorial on this in the near future.  I also noticed that hers doesn't have the binding around the edges like mine does.  That's ok, but I like mine!  I really liked this idea, because you can use it like a flat hot pad OR you can insert your hands into the sides and actually grab your pans with it.  Really awesome idea!

I made one for each of the sisters I visit teach each month.  They really liked the gift and were excited to use it in their kitchens (at least that's what they said- lol).

Look for the tutorial soon! Thanks for stopping by. -Dari

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