Thursday, February 20, 2014

Knitted Bolero

I finally finished my last Christmas present (for last Christmas)!  I at least get credit for finishing my project, not giving up, and not settling for a last minute gift just so it was out of my hair, right?  I was thinking about ALL my projects and fun things I've done since I posted last, and it was kind of hard for me to pick one to post.  I want to post.  I want to share my creations with others.  I want to do better in this area.  I have some thoughts to help me.  We will see if they work or not!

Anyway, I made this for my sister for Christmas.  I really wanted to make one for myself, but this took me 6 weeks, and I am not ready to start another yet.  The inspiration for this came from two sources.  The first one is a ravelry pattern by Kelly Maher titled "Ribbed Lace Bolero."  I began using it but was having a difficult time working the stitch pattern.  I reverted to a lace pattern that I did for a pair of socks.  Not sure if the pattern was easier or more difficult, but my fingers were used to it so it worked for me.  It is called "Summer Lace Anklets" and is found in the One Skein Sock Yarn Wonders book, which by the way, I love most of the books in this series.  Lots of inspiration!  Here are photos of my finished creation:

Thanks for stopping by! -Dari

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