Friday, February 21, 2014


I am so excited to share this with you!  A few weeks ago for preschool, we learned about the letter B.  The entire week's curriculum was centered on the picture book written by Rosemary Wells, Bunny Money.  I created a board game that reinforces the story sequence, strengthens one-to-one ratios 1 to 3, and counting.  I am pleased to offer this game free to you for personal and educational use.  You can find the file at my website.

Here is a tutorial for the wallets used in the game:

You will need a piece of construction paper or cardstock. Lay it horizontal like the picture above.
Fold the bottom up 1 in., crease and glue it in place.  Flip the paper over so this bottom crease is underneath.
Fold up the edge with the crease so that it is 1 inch from the top as shown in the photo.  Crease in place.  Glue the two side edges.
Fold one side over about 2/3 and then fold the other side so that it is on top.  You should end up with a rectangle resembling a wallet.
Hope you enjoy!

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